What does Hao Wu stand for?

Industry and Economics

As an entrepreneur, Hao knows first hand the industrious communities of District 19. Working with businesses and community organizations, we can help craft legislation that can unleash economic growth. 

Roads and Infrastructure

We will FIGHT for our fair share of the state revenue to fix, properly light and improve White Horse Rd, Cedar Lane, Blue Ridge Rd and Pointsett Highway. 

Housing and Affordability

We must be deliberate about the ongoing revitalization and displacement within our neighborhoods. We will hold the government and the developers accountable for the transparency of the process. 

Veteran's Affairs

Freedom is NOT free. Food, shelter, transportation, healthcare - these should not be things veterans have to fight tooth and nail to have access to.  

Food and Conservation

Land is the source of life and wealth. We must be good stewards of our land. Support local farmers, support local food, support conservation of our land. 


The end of TERI (Teacher- Employee Retirement Incentive) will see the exodus of thousands of experienced teachers. With your support, we can go to the state house and reverse this tide.