LEAP Forward


I would love to add you to LEAP Forward's list of endorsed candidates for the 2018 cycle. 

My goal is to highlight the one candidate in each race who is most committed to effect change when it comes to gun policy, and believe you're the best suited to bring about that change. 

I am excited to include you in this project, and look forward to following your campaign. "

VoteVets PAC

Dear Hao,

On behalf of VoteVets PAC, and over 500,000 of our supporters, I wish to congratulate you on your endorsement for the VoteVets PAC Emerging Leaders Program.

I am pleased to support you in your campaign to serve your fellow citizens of District 19 in the South Carolina State House . 

We at VoteVets are always so proud to see fellow veterans like you continuing their service after the uniform.

In these turbulent political times, our veterans, communities and country need leaders like you who will continue to serve the nation and put the country first. 

Best of luck to you in your campaign!

In Service,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran
Chairman, VoteVets PAC