About Hao Wu

My name is Hao Wu, and I am running to represent the people of our great district in the South Carolina State House. I am an immigrant by birth, biochemist by training and entrepreneur by profession. Despite all that, I am most proud of my service to my country, the United States of America as a soldier in the Army.

I made the conscious choice eight years ago to join the US Army and did two combat tours, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Honorably discharged in 2014, I have called the upstate my home for the past four years. In addition to Berea, where I live, District 19 also includes the neighborhoods of San Souci, Monaghan, Furman, Paris Mountain, and Altamont Forest

I have observed with growing distress the political inaction that accompanies the problems plaguing our beloved communities. After encouragement from friends and family, I have decided to run for public office to serve our communities.

For too long, we have been lacking RESPONSIVE and RESPONSIBLE representation in the state legislature, but I believe 2018 will be a year of monumental change! With YOUR help, the people of our district can and will make our voices heard at the ballot boxes and elect representatives who will bring needed resources to our beloved communities. 

My name is Hao Wu, I am a proud veteran, and I want to earn the great honor and privilege to represent the people of District 19 at the South Carolina State House.